About Us

Independent  & Non-Exclusive
Since 2017

Tall Tale Records is an independent record label located in Woodland Park, Colorado. The records label was founded in 2017 by Derwood James Willhite, better known by his stage name Tensas. He started the label with by setting his focus on becoming the most trusted independent label in the music industry, and he created a plan to provide non-exlusive and fair-shair agreements and services to the bands and songwriters we work with.

Our Mission

It is our mission to become the most trusted independent label in the music industry by providing bands and songwriters with non-exlcusive and fair-shair agreements!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help bands and songwriters achieve their goals by providing them with the tools, resources and services they need to get their music in front of the right audience!

We Value:

Unique Bands and Songwriters
Fair Share for All Musicians and Bands