by Tensas



Artist: Tensas

Song Title: Carnival

Release Date: 07-21-2023

Genre(s): Roots Rock

Label: Tall Tale Records

ISRC: QZTV32328388

UPC: 197773468578

Epic New Orleans Themed Song by Tensas

Colorado, USA - The band and songwriter Tensas, will release an epic New Orleans inspired single called "Carnival" that will flood your emotions with feelings of greed, love and turmoil. This grungy roots-rock song was written by Tensas earlier this year and it features his bandmate Desha Martin in the recording, who delivers a remarkable performance on the trumpet. She can also be heard on the bass guitar and drums, along with Tensas on the electric guitar and vocals. This duo performs with such emotion and energy in this song, that you will feel an essence of Louis Armstrong on the trumpet and longing angst of Tom Waits vocally from Tensas. Take a stroll with Tensas as he plea’s for the hand of society to “come and walk with me, through the muddy streets of New Orleans”. Carnival will be released under Tall Tale Records on July 21st, 2023, and Tensas will debut their new song live on TV in a guest appearance on morning talk show on FOX 21 in Colorado on release day!

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When asked where the idea for the song Carnival came from, Tensas said "I wrote the longing guitar melody last fall and it was earlier this year when a friend mentioned how the tune sounded like an "evil circus" to her, and I knew instantly what I should write and sing about! Growing up in Louisiana, especially during and after hard times and natural disasters, I saw how people lied and misbehaved out of despair. I’ve lived in many places since becoming an adult and I sadly continue to witness the majority of society acting like fools and as if the world were a circus or carnival custom built for their personal pleasure.” Tensas and band are recording more music in the studio, and they are planning to follow up this single with a 2 song mini-EP before the end of summer!

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