by Tim Kranz



Artist: Tim Kranz

Song Title: Nothin’

Release Date: 08-17-2023

Genre(s): Progressive / Pop Rock

Label: Tall Tale Records

ISRC: QZTV32391817

UPC: 197773608080

New Single by Tim KRanz

Pennsylvania, USA - The songwriter and performer Tim Kranz, is releasing his first single off his upcoming album titled Nothin’. This song is a thematic progressive rock tune produced, recorded and co-written by this Pennsylvania musician. His colossal voice and uplifting harmonies deliver a uniquely invigorating sound that keep you begging for more! You will hear Tim on lead and backup vocals, and this recording features both Tensas and Maxx on the guitars. Nothin’ was self-recorded by Tim and will be released under Tall Tale Records on August 17th, 2023. 

When asked about his experience co-writing Nothin’, Tim said that “The song “Nothin’ was born during a trip I took with my son Caven in the summer of 2017 to see my friend and fellow musician Tensas, his wife Megan & their daughter Harleigh in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I had hit a bit of rough patch in my personal life and needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in Los Angeles. One night during our nightly jam sessions in the garage, Megan, who was learning to play the Mandolin at the time, brought us some chords she had put together and and asked if we could turn it into something. Immediately the chords spoke to me and the lyrics that Tensas and I started putting on paper started to tell a bittersweet story. All of the feelings I had been having about relationships ending and the way people change and grow over time started flowing into heartfelt lyrics which we quickly wrote onto the side of a deep freezer in the garage that night with a dry erase marker in big bold black letters. That was exactly the therapy that I was needing! When I looked at the lyrics again the next day I felt better about my situation and decided to work on being a better human being. Now, when I perform Nothin’, it takes me back to a time when I thought I was going to lose it all… and now it makes me grateful for the fact that even through the trials and tribulations of life, it worked out in the end. I’m also reminded that people can grow apart, but with love, friendship and a burning desire, they have the ability to grow together again make any dream a reality.

Tim Kranz is a songwriter and performer who has been creating music for nearly two decades. His background performing in a rock band to musicals and even helping others produce songs has given him a broad range of experience and inspiration that he draws from when he creates and performs for others. Currently, Tim lives in Pennsylvania and is originally from Santa Rosa California where he writes and produces music and is currently working on a new album with a few more singles to come very soon! He is planning to release the next single off of his upcoming album in September, and he will be announcing live performances again later this Fall and Winter. You can click below to listen to his new song online today!

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